Irrespective of the industry you aspire to create a business in, our experts are always there to help and guide you. We attend to all the documentation, legalities, and other proceedings in company registration in the US from India.

We help in the USA Company formation for non-residents India & company registration in the USA from India.

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Business administration is a tough job. You are stuck with a lot of various things that you get the impression of losing control. We comprehend it, and we are here to assist you in overcoming these difficulties.

  • Create wealth
  • Watch your business Expanding
  • Optimize your profitability
  • Ensure legal conformity
  • Live and realize your entrepreneurial vision

Let’s Do Documentation for You

Beginning a business in the US involves a multitude of technicalities and a lot of paperwork. Rather than getting yourself busy with this, seek help from NomersBiz.

  • Get integrated in the minimum amount of time
  • Leave the trouble to us
  • The most cost-effective solutions
  • Establish your equity structure
  • Ensure all pre and post-formation formalities are met

Forming a Corporation

Setting up a business in USA is beneficial for all kinds of venture ideas. Greater trust, international mobility, and a seamless payment processing structure are some of the defining reasons. Nomersbiz works with you as an appointed registered agent to sort out documentation and compliances throughout the year. You have the option to either form an LLC or a C-Corporation to operate a business out of the US.

  • Increase global reach for your business.
  • A perfect option for IPO oriented ventures.
  • Easier access to investors.
  • Taxation benefits due to India-US business treaties.
  • Fewer prohibitions and lesser exposure to risks.
  • Simplified administration and operational costs.

Forming an LLC

Nomersbiz recommends a Limited Liability Company (LLC) structure as the ideal way to establish a company in USA. Your personal assets are protected; hence, the limited liability clause plus there is a flexible taxation structure and multiple benefits. These are “pass-through” entities and the business owner has the option to get taxed as an individual or a corporation.

  • Minimal documentation
  • Quick processing time
  • Liability extended only to business assets
  • Tax advantages from the IRS
  • Flexible profit distribution
  • Management and ownership flexibility

Forming a C-Corporation

A C-Corporation is a common business structure in the US. Nomersbiz recommends this if you want to establish a high growth-oriented business in the country. A C-Corporation can issue stocks and there is no limit to the number of shareholders it can have. It is taxed as per the US corporate structure and enjoys greater attention from venture capitalists.

  • Shareholders’ citizenship can be from anywhere.
  • Widely recognized business entity.
  • Greater acceptance and higher trust factor with vendors and suppliers.
  • IRS allows greater deduction and expenses.
  • Complicated year around paperwork but Nomersbiz specializes in handling C-Corps.
  • Easy ownership transfers through the sale of stock.
  • Lower risk of audits.
  • Raising business capital is easier.

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