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We are a skilled team of experts and professionals baked with years of working experience on various projects.

We have assisted many entrepreneurial ventures and business domains from startup to the various levels of business.

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Nomersbiz is providing the following types of business consultants:

  • General management and strategy
  • Business Operations
  • Financial & Accounting
  • Human Resource & Manpower Outsourcing

Moreover, we are providing specialized services such as:

  • We help small or medium company looking for expanding their business or streamlining your operations such as finances, and human resources segments.
  • If you are a well-established firm but looking for more growth in expansions, ROI, and growth.
  • If you need some innovation and out of the box strategies, we can help!
  • Or if you are multinational cooperation and are looking to set up a subsidiary in India, you are more than welcome!

At Nomersbiz, we take over your projects, follow a structural and systematic approach to cover your primary business goals. No matter which phase of business you are in, once the task is given to us, we work until completing your work with our financial consultants.

Best CFO Services for all level businesses

Business intelligence is essential for any organization. For this purpose, many organizations depend upon the services of an accountant. An accountant who may be familiar with all these services still fails to provide future forecasting and financial planning. A single accountant can never provide better efficiency to an organization.

The solution to this is to go for CFO services! CFO services help to utilize the data generated in an organization and analyze it further for its actions. Many organizations might think that getting CFO services may be more expensive, especially if they are a startup business.

We have an experienced team that will provide you the best roles equivalent to a CFO but at an affordable price. We provide services like consulting, internal auditing, business process reengineering, and many more that can be effectively managed by our well-skilled team.

Best CFO Services for all level businesses

Our Reliable Approach Includes


  • Sustain develop and improve the necessary Governance Standards
  • Handling a technically capable expert team
  • Implementing advanced financial accounting procedures and policies
  • Implementing a better internal controlling framework

Business Plan

  • Describing business objectives
  • Preparing business plans
  • Scheming strategies to acquire business objectives
  • Developing business models to increase productivity and efficiency

Fund Raising

  • Assessing fund requirements by doing a sensitivity analysis
  • Raising or restructuring bank loans
  • Raining funds via the listing and debt
  • Long term deployment strategies implementation

Cost Management & Profit Maximization

  • Designing and implementing various cost reduction initiatives
  • Improving efficiency evaluation of various opportunity related to cost reduction & saving
  • Comparison of budgeting of standard with the actual cost
  • Review and analysis of variance reports

Strategic Advisory

  • Strategic financial reviews
  • Annual strategic meetings
  • Development of strategic forecast
  • Yearly budget review and development

MIS Reporting

  • Development of MIS dashboard
  • Review of operational and P&L efficiency of the company
  • Analysis and Implementation of Key Performance Indicators
  • Analysis of working capital with Accounts Payable and Account Receivables

Consulting & Liaison

  • Repetitive accounting and tax compliances
  • Assessment of complex financial transactions
  • Developing long term forecasts
  • Appraisal and analysis of financial statements and other reports
  • Resolving queries and Liaison with auditors
  • Inquiry of audit reports and correction of audit findings
  • Review of internal audit report and rectify the audit findings

Why Choose Nomersbiz?

Our innovative and customer-focused range of services has satisfied many small and medium-sized businesses in the USA, UAE, and now in India. We also provide an integrated suite of tax planning, HR payroll, auditing, IRS Representation, and Company formation services with utmost accuracy, precision, and efficiency.

Our Technology Partners!

With over 24 years of experience, we are among the leading accounting firms that provide value-added professional accounting outsourcing services at the best possible price. Regardless of your unique circumstance, our team of certified and experienced accountants can deliver avant-garde bookkeeping solutions within a specific time frame and budget.

As an expert in the field of accounting and taxation, we integrate high-end technology with our comprehensive solutions to provide a seamless experience to our clients. Since Nomersbiz embraces innovations, we’ve tied-up with top-notch technology platforms that are known for delivering – Automation, Collaboration, and Customization.

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