Whether you’re planning to work overseas or want to establish a business in the USA, complex immigration procedures can surely give you a headache. With heaps of paperwork, complicated VISA policies, and lack of knowledge, it’s almost impossible for you to abide by the immigration laws. 

So to make your work easy, here’s a detailed overview of business immigration to the USA: 

Why it is important to comply with immigration regulations for the USA? 

Immigration law refers to the rules and guidelines that are established by the federal government to grant entry to the USA. The USA immigration laws encompass a wide range of complex rules, regulations, exceptions, and criteria. Every foreign employee, business owner or investor should abide by these regulations and submit the required documents on time. However, if any kind of violation is observed, an individual might face consequences such as civil fines, criminal penalties, cancellation of license, and debarment from the contract.  

What are the different kinds of business visas one can opt for? 

Depending on the duration of stay and type of work, different types of Business visas are granted to the USA. 

  1. B1 Visa: The B1 Visa is applicable for the foreign professionals, who travel to the USA with the intent of — attending conferences or seminars, participating in the litigation process, setting up a subsidiary of an MNC, undertaking independent studies, and more. The validity of this visa is between 1 month to 10 years with single or multiple entry options. However, one cannot stay permanently in the USA or become a resident of the USA with the B-1 visa.
  2. E1 Visa: When a non-citizen wants to set up his business in the USA, he needs to apply for an E1 visa. This is a treaty trader visa that is applicable for individuals from those countries who had signed a treaty with the USA. This type of visa is valid for 3-5 years; however, it can be extended with proper procedures. 
  3. E2 Visa: Popularly known as a treaty investor visa, this visa is granted to the individuals who want to set up a business or invest in the USA (required the respective country have signed certain treaties with the USA). This kind of visa is temporary in nature but it can be renewed/extended as long as the business is running.
  4.  L1 Visa: This type of visa is beneficial for companies that are based in the USA and have branches or subsidiaries around the world. Such companies can transfer their managers or other skilled workers to the USA with the L-1 Visa.  It is petitioned by the employer on behalf of the worker.

What are the required documents?

The purpose of asking mandatory and supporting documents is to verify the legitimacy, validity, criminal history, and financial history of the individual. However, depending on the type of visa and duration, different documents might be required to fulfill important obligations. So, here we’ve covered some common documents:

  • Original passport with six-month validity from the expected arrival date to the USA. 
  • Both softcopy and hardcopy of the photograph, as per the specified dimensions. 
  • US Visa application confirmation sheet that is duly stamped at the respective Visa Application Center. 
  • Proof of fee payment and Printout of appointment letter/transfer letter or intent letter. 
  • Bank records or financial statements of the individual/organization to prove the future sustenance in the USA. 

How immigration consultants can help you?  

The immigration authorities are strict about the laws and policies, and hence, any violation of guidelines wouldn’t be dealt with leniency. The entire process of Immigration is too complex and includes several immigration programs, visa categories, pathways, submissions, and terms. Therefore, it’s always better to seek professional help from an experienced immigration firm. Their consultants have enough experience and knowledge about the visa process and can guide you well, thus, minimizing the chances of any misconduct. So availing immigration services to USA can secure your chances of getting a visa in a timely and hassle-free manner.


Establishing a business or working in a developed country like the USA can help you develop and diversify your business portfolio. So to sustain and meet your long-term goals, it’s important to abide by the immigration laws and seek professional help at the right time.