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1. B-1 VISA

The B-1 Visa is a common kind of nonimmigrant visa issuable to Indian residents. If you have to visit the US for attending a business conference or seminar, or for a business meeting or for settling an estate, the B-1 Visa is recommended. Any business endeavors which do not require you to stay long-term in the US requires a B-1 Visa.


  • You cannot seek direct or indirect employment during the stay from any USA-based company.

The B-1 Visa is usually granted for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 10 years, with single or multiple entry and exit options.


  • Valid passport and photograph
  • No criminal record
  • Financial record to prove means of sustenance
  • Invitation letter from friends or family, if you wish to stay with them
  • Economic or family documents to prove strong ties to India
  • Links of all active social media accounts
  • Interview letter and intent letter
  • Form DS-160 confirmation printed
  • Letter from the trip sponsor, if any.

2. L-1 VISA

If you are working in a company in India with its parent or branch company in the US, and the US company wants you to work with them onsite, the L-1 Visa is relevant. The L-1 Visa is of two kinds: the L-1A Visa for a managerial position and L-1B Visa for skilled workers.


  • As an employee, you should have a work record with the company for a continuous period of 12 months in a 36 months tenure.
  • Detailed disclosure of why you are going to the US, in either a managerial or a skilled worker capacity.
  • A declaration that you will leave the country after the designated work period is over unless extended.
  • During the stay in the US, there should be proven dealings between the US company and the India branch.The minimum validity of the L-1 Visa is seven years.


  • Valid passport and photograph
  • Form DS-160 filled and printed
  • I-129 printed receipt
  • Copies of education and training certificates
  • Interview letter
  • Resume and experience letters from previous employers
  • Contact details for previous coworkers
  • Six months bank record statement
  • Demand draft of the filing fee
  • Complete details about US employer and photographs of the place
2. L-1 VISA

3.E-1 VISA

Also known as the Treaty Trader Visa, the E-1 Visa gives Indian residents an option to enter the US to conduct international trade. The resident can either be self-sponsored or sponsored by the employing company. The principal condition for receiving the E-1 Visa would be to show, beyond doubt, that 50% of the trade will happen between the US and India. Here, the term trade implies the transaction of both goods and services.


  • The person must be a verifiable citizen of India.
  • Documents to prove that 50% of the trade will take place between the two countries.
  • Documents to prove that 50% of the ownership of the company lies in India.
  • Freedom to move within the US.
  • E-1 Visa period is for a maximum of 2 years, but extendable.
  • Spouses and children below 21 years of age can come to the US but the visa is not automatically extended along with the sponsor.
  • The person cannot seek employment other than for which he/she has received the E-1 Visa. Violations can lead to deportation.


  • Valid passport and photos
  • Form DS-160 filled and printed confirmation page
  • Non-refundable fees of $205 and payment receipt
  • Non-immigrant Treaty Trader application form
  • Valid health insurance

Other documents might be required on an individual case basis.

3.E-1 VISA

4. E-2 VISA

While the E-2 Visa is a powerful immigration option for entrepreneurs and investors to establish a business in the USA by means of investment, the option is unfortunately not available to Indian residents. India and the USA have friendly trade relations; however, India is not a member of the Treaty Investor Visa.

An alternate option is to acquire citizenship of Grenada, West Indies. With a Grenadian passport, you can apply for the E-2 Visa. Contact Nomersbiz today to get an accurate idea of whether the E-2 Visa option would be suitable for you or not.

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