Payroll management

Payroll processing can be very complex and demanding, from calculating employee gross and take-home salaries to calculating overtime and deductions for aspects like health insurance and more.
When you are busy building your venture, the last thing on your list is to keep updated with ever-changing tax services for startups’ rules and regulations.

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Nomersbiz is India’s leading payroll management service provider, which offers the best and reliable payroll mechanism to its clients. We ensure the all the liabilities are calculated according to the provided timesheet of our clients. Moreover, we manage the timesheets of your business and calculate each employee’s related payroll liability.

Tired of manual processing errors? Try the Nomersbiz Payroll Services!

The key to organizational success is to be able to hire and, most significantly, retain the most talented of your resources. If this needs to be achieved, every small detail concerning employee satisfaction has to be paid attention to– this includes an accurate payroll.

Let’s Reimagine Payroll, Benefits, and HR Together

Payroll experts at Nomersbiz have the expertise to calculate and pay the payroll tax and file your payroll returns. We ensure complete confidentiality while providing transparent communication, obliging statutory compliances, and doing basic payroll calculations, to provide end-to-end accurate payroll services.

Let us have a sneak peek at the functionality of the payroll management system:

Calculating the time and wages of employees was never that easy!

  • We calculate working hours, hourly payment, vacation, or holiday time that an employee has taken during the payment period.
  • Estimate gross pay by exempting taxes and any other deductions
  • Payroll deposits or paper checks

Are you thinking of tax processing and payroll deductions? We have got you undercover!

  • We calculate and automate tax payments to the concerned authorities.
  • Payroll deductions for daily wagers or volunteers.
Let us have a sneak peek at the functionality of the payroll management system

We draft the best payroll by keeping the following things in mind

  1. More transparency by filtering the employees based on wages, promotions, or a salary hike.
  2. Set payroll deadlines in order to avoid payment delays like a tax.
  3. Status of the employee in terms of exempt and nonexempt employees. Also, to avoid any miscalculation the overtime is calculated carefully.
  4. System integration to keep the payroll system in a loop for any shared information.
  5. Flexibility in payment option.
  6. Outsourcing for expertise to perform the task.
  7. Spreading awareness among staff.
  8. Perfect ‘working time’ recording (increase productivity and avoid unwanted overtime payments).
  9. Testing a new system at beginning stage to avoid the loss of time, energy, and utilities invested.
  10. With no tolerance for errors, implementing technology becomes the utmost necessity to optimize resources and get better accuracy. Hence ERP needs to be applied, which will perform multiple iterations and validate the inputs provided and the generated payroll data. Thus, this will help run, retrieve, and review data easily.

Moreover, in the end, we ensure all the payrolls and processes are electronically encrypted to provide a secure service to our clients. We are here to take the burden of payrolls off your shoulder with privacy and affordability.

Why Choose Nomersbiz?

Our innovative and customer-focused range of services has satisfied many small and medium-sized businesses in the USA, UAE, and now in India. We also provide an integrated suite of tax planning, HR payroll, auditing, IRS Representation, and Company formation services with utmost accuracy, precision, and efficiency.

Our Technology Partners!

With over 24 years of experience, we are among the leading accounting firms that provide value-added professional accounting outsourcing services at the best possible price. Regardless of your unique circumstance, our team of certified and experienced accountants can deliver avant-garde bookkeeping solutions within a specific time frame and budget.

As an expert in the field of accounting and taxation, we integrate high-end technology with our comprehensive solutions to provide a seamless experience to our clients. Since Nomersbiz embraces innovations, we’ve tied-up with top-notch technology platforms that are known for delivering – Automation, Collaboration, and Customization.

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