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Running your own business is quite a difficult task.

Managing cash flow, keeping a close eye on operations and finances all these chores require hard work. And it became more difficult for startups.

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Startups have to perform all these tasks and on a low budget. Hence there is a possibility that a startup may collapse!

Nomersbiz has extended its services for startups especially. Providing them with all the services a startup needs. With a small team and limited resources, we take over your projects and help you step up the ladder of success. By joining us as your helping hand, we help automate your finance manage your operations, and ultimately your productivity is increased.

Does getting services from Nomersbiz affect your productivity?

You definitely need some helping or consulting partner to help grow your business, and Nomersbiz will provide all the necessary services taking the burden off your shoulders. Meanwhile, you can just work on growing your business. By doing so, you get:

  • Managed operations and finances
  • Good revenue is generated
  • Increase in productivity
  • Quality work
  • Training, hiring all processes done by us!

In this way, you can cut the huge cost of hiring a team and managing it. Hence you can constructively use this cost.
Nomersbiz, with its experienced professional look up on all the crucial factors that can make your business grow and develop.

Does getting services from Nomersbiz affect your productivity

Services offered by Nomersbiz for startups

Startup services depend upon the size, structure, budget, and goals of the company. Carefully analyze your startup strength and weaknesses and then seek help accordingly, or we can also help you if you find any difficulty making a decision. Let us have a look at the services we provide for startups:
Incorporation of new company/LLB
Filling e-forms, assistance in the opening of bank account, name reservation, drafting documents, and many other things.
CFO Services
CFO services formulate business plans, manage & improve finance, accounting, taxation, compliance, and other routine business functions.
Routine compliance
Return and filing of GST return preparation, TDS return preparation, ITR filing, Payroll support, and Professional Tax.
Policies and procedures
Assistance in preparation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Business Process Notes (BPN), Risk Control Matrix (RCM), etc.
Expense tracking
Reviewing all financial and other records as a vision to make a potential investment/ transaction.
Diagnostic Checks
Elaborative checks accomplished for each business activity to identify and remediate compliance gaps dominant in the existing system.
The entire monetary planning
Aid in working capital and cash flow management by cash forecasting, cost management, receivables management.
Secretarial Support
Smooth registration with several tax authorities, advisory services, certifications, drafting, and maintaining board resolutions, just to name a few.

Why Choose Nomersbiz?

Our innovative and customer-focused range of services has satisfied many small and medium-sized businesses in the USA, UAE, and now in India. We also provide an integrated suite of tax planning, HR payroll, auditing, IRS Representation, and Company formation services with utmost accuracy, precision, and efficiency.

Our Technology Partners!

With over 24 years of experience, we are among the leading accounting firms that provide value-added professional accounting outsourcing services at the best possible price. Regardless of your unique circumstance, our team of certified and experienced accountants can deliver avant-garde bookkeeping solutions within a specific time frame and budget.

As an expert in the field of accounting and taxation, we integrate high-end technology with our comprehensive solutions to provide a seamless experience to our clients. Since Nomersbiz embraces innovations, we’ve tied-up with top-notch technology platforms that are known for delivering – Automation, Collaboration, and Customization.

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